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                   Foreword:  click here

PART 1 Save the CQPART 2 Misc             PART 3 Diapulse

1. Call the Police

2. The Ombudsman

3. The Problem with Form 3429

4. Open Public Hearings

5. Two Citizen Petitions

6. The Lobotomy

7. The Ombudsman Strikes Again

8. CDRH Grants Citizen Petition

9. FOIA Request 2012-7617

10. The Law Has a Flaw (or is it a loophole?)

11. Why Form 3429 is Needed

12. Proposed Fix for Form 3429 - CDRH Proposes to Drop the Form

13. What is the Truth?

14. Meeting with Ombudsmen

15: CDRH Proposed Final Rule for CES Devices

16:  Still Waiting

  A:  Appendix A - CDRH Mission Statement
  B:  Appendix B - Device Classification
  C: Appendix C - Letter to Nancy Stade

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Unaccountable Too
CDRH - Delay, Deny, Deflect, Dissemble
Leroy Leslie Hamilton, Ph.D.